I Hate Last Comic Standing Now


Written on 7/31/2008 09:56:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Ok, they just kicked off Sean Cullen. Total Bull Crap! He was the funniest guy on the friggin' show. He had more talent than any of the others could even dream. I was ok with all of the other picks, except for the Bald Lurch Looking British Dude with the double bass. He is the least funny of any comic on Last Comic Standing. A pediatric cancer patient with a lisp is funnier than that guy. A 2 headed baby with mental retardation and diaper rash can tell better jokes than that guy. You get the point, I hope. I know that they say the people of America voted, but c'mon, a british guy over a Canadian? I don't believe it. I think the producers were just trying to make their quota of having enough freaks on their network each month. Affirmative action and all.

I hope that Sean Cullen gets many more opprotunities because of this show. I am going to link to his website where you can purchase his material and childrens books that he has written. Go to http://www.seancullen.com/

Here is a funny video of him to view as well.

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