A Day with My Family


Written on 8/02/2008 09:10:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I had the joy of spending the day with my family. 2 of my wife's sisters are in so all the cousins, minus 2 have had the opportunity of seeing each other these last couple of days. We had promised the kids that we would take them out this weekend, so we did.

We got up this morning and the house was empty. Everyone went to breakfast except us, so we went ahead and got ready to head to Chattanooga. We first went to K-mart to look around and kill time until our restaurant opened. The city was busy from the tax free weekend for back to school was in full swing.

Nothing caught our eye at K-mart, except for a cool looking gazebo. You can see it here: http://www.kmart.com/shc/s/p_10151_10104_028W853287110001P?vName=For+the+Home&cName=Furniture+%26+Storage&sName=Outdoor

Well, we left there and went to our favorite restaurant, Ichiban. It is a Japanese Hibachi grill steakhouse. It is very great! The kids love how they cook right in front of you, and especially love the fire tricks. The volcano of onions are their favorite trick. The food was awesome and we were stuffed, so we left. (on a side note, the lunch price at this place is VERY reasonable..We have went there for dinner, but for a family of 5 like us, that is too expensive, but lunch is fine.)

We then proceeded, as promised, to the movie theater to see Space Chimps. I figure it is an animated movie, so it will be good for the kids, and I love Andy Samburg from Saturday Night Live, so I would enjoy it also. I was wrong...not about the kids liking it, but about me. It was not very well written at all, and on top of that there were several sexual references in there also. A couple are as follows:
"Is that a banana in your pocket" or "It isn't the size of the machine, it's how you use it". Is that wholesome for a kids movie. Maybe I am wrong, but I assumed they were marketing this for kids...

On another subject of the movie theater. They had this movie playing in the smallest theater there, which isn't so bad, it wasn't very popular. But we were the first people there and Brooklyn and Benjamin wanted to sit at the very top. We were in there for about 5 minutes alone, when an old grandma and her 2 grand kids show up and SIT RIGHT NEXT TO US ON THE TOP ROW!!!! Seriously?! It's Friggin' Ridiculous.

We got out of the movie and were really tired, so we went home and the kids played with their cousins.

We got hungry for dinner and asked the kids what they wanted, and they said that they wanted Pizza Hut because of the New Tuscani Pasta. We have been wanting to try that. Bad decision. I should have just gotten the Pizza Mia deal that we usually get, because the Chicken Alfredo Tuscani Pasta wasn't that great. Benjamin and Sophia wanted a personal pan cheese pizza, so I got that for them. The kids never complain like I do though. I love them for that. They are so grateful for what little they get that we can get them. I need to take some lessons from them and try to be more content.

All in all it was a WONDERFUL day. Now I get to blog about it and let the "internets" know about my life. You all are invited to relive my life. I hope that I can be interesting enough for you to follow me. Have a good night!

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