I Hate Last Comic Standing Now


Written on 7/31/2008 09:56:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Ok, they just kicked off Sean Cullen. Total Bull Crap! He was the funniest guy on the friggin' show. He had more talent than any of the others could even dream. I was ok with all of the other picks, except for the Bald Lurch Looking British Dude with the double bass. He is the least funny of any comic on Last Comic Standing. A pediatric cancer patient with a lisp is funnier than that guy. A 2 headed baby with mental retardation and diaper rash can tell better jokes than that guy. You get the point, I hope. I know that they say the people of America voted, but c'mon, a british guy over a Canadian? I don't believe it. I think the producers were just trying to make their quota of having enough freaks on their network each month. Affirmative action and all.

I hope that Sean Cullen gets many more opprotunities because of this show. I am going to link to his website where you can purchase his material and childrens books that he has written. Go to http://www.seancullen.com/

Here is a funny video of him to view as well.

How Are You Making Money Blogging, Tony?


Written on 7/30/2008 11:56:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I'm glad you asked. Honestly I just started out, but it has been great side cash. If you want to do it like I did, you HAVE to Click Here!

You will learn what you need to learn to make a good side flow of cash so you don't have to work so hard.

I'm not making millions or anything, but on track to be able to make my car payment and insurance, with just blogging. You should really look into it. It really isn't that hard. It might take up a little time at first, but it gets less time consuming once everything is set up. Thanks for reading. I have some other programs that I will talk about in later posts, but I don't want to come off like I am spamming. That isn't my intention at all. I just want to share some experiences.

How do you prepare for the "Big One"


Written on 7/30/2008 09:00:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I have a sister in law that lives in Los Angeles and I was talking to her about the Earthquake yesterday close to her home in California, and I asked myself how I would be feel about this. What would my preparations be?
I immediately said that I would just have to move from that location, so I wouldn't even have to worry about that. I felt the same way after Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of the Gulf Coast.
But the more I think about it.... How do you even prepare? You can have "plans" in place just in case, but there will always be something that is going to happen that we have no idea is going to take place.
The people in California could be preparing for the big earthquake that has been predicted, and still not be prepared for a potential "terrorist" attack. Or maybe devastation brought about by some other means. The true thing is, we aren't promised tomorrow, so what I think we need to do is to live life now and don't be fearful of tomorrow. Yes, make plans, but live life. Hug your kids. Tell your family that you love them. Give a homeless guy a dollar. Yea he probably will spend it on liquor or beer or some other prescription drug not meant for him, but give it to him anyway. We can't take it with us.

These Women are Winners


Written on 7/29/2008 11:13:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

America's Got Talent - Myspace Edition


Written on 7/29/2008 10:23:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Just got done watching America's Got Talent, Myspace Edition on NBC. It was the worst show I have ever seen on an already awful show. It was like vomiting on crap. It was like dropping maggots on top of moldy cheese. It was like pouring stagnated water all over any french person.

You get the point. It stunk!

The acts were horrible. The talent was horrible. The judges, as always, were annoying.

Sharon Osbourne was "confused" by the Ozzy impersonator. HE LOOKED OR SOUNDED NOTHING LIKE HIM.

All in all, it was the worst hour of my life. Period. Unless you don't count the time I had to sit on a plane for 6 hours and watch nothing but Rob Schneider movies non-stop. My life was flashing before my eyes.

Brooklyn the 7 year old.


Written on 7/29/2008 10:13:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I don't, in my introductions, want to leave out my firstborn girl, Brooklyn. She is a 7 year old girl who is in the 4th grade. You always hear people say how fast they grow up, but it is so true. It's INSANE to think that she will be a teenager soon. Then College, then marriage! I'm literally scared right now. I have to change the subject fast.

Think happy thoughts...think....think about.... oh, who am I kidding...I have to face the fact that my firstborn is growing up. I don't have to be happy about it, or look forward to it, but day by day it approaches.

Well, in the meantime, I can still hold her and she want me to...I can still sing to her and she listen...I can still play with her and she not get bored. I feel sorry for my parents, I was quick to let those things go with them. I hope my kids give me a little longer than I gave mine.

Poptarts and Kids


Written on 7/29/2008 02:44:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Why do kids like poptarts so much? It's just a pastry with fake fruit filling in the middle. You can either toast it, or microwave it, or just eat it out of the box. My daughter, Sophia loves poptarts. She can't seem to get enough of them. She wants them for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, as well as any snack she might be expecting to receive. She will eat cereal, but she doesn't love it, and it takes her a loooong time to eat it. The cereal gets all soggy and just becomse clumped up in a bowl. But the poptart is usually eaten very fast. She breaks it in half and eats it one half at a time. Maybe this isn't healthy...maybe I should lay off of the poptart buying for a while. Get her turned on to something healthy. Like Fudge Rounds.

Just for fun, here is Brian Regans Poptart bit. Please to enjoy

The Linkback Project


Written on 7/29/2008 08:27:00 AM by The Unemployed Dad.


This is a simple procedure. You might have seen it done elsewhere on a few scarce weblogs. What is different, is that when we reach a certain point on the list, we start yet another one. Instead of one master list and its done, we will repeat the process over and over again, with new folks jumping on board. These backlinks combined with the social networking friends status will affect all areas of search engine algorithims. -=This List Will Stop At 100, then the next phase (list) will start=-

To participate is simple:

--->Copy The Post & List below into a blog post of yours.
--->Add Your Link to the list at the bottom.
--->Comment On the original post at LBP so that I can update the list with your link.
--->Make sure the list links and names are in place on your weblog post.
--->Digg, Stumble, Tag, and Reddit all of us, spread the word, get more on board.
--->Be sure to send them back to The Linkback Project for the updated list.

Make sure links and name are in place on your weblog, and then put yours on the last number, and "YOUR NEXT" below it on a new number.

Be sure to Digg, Stumble Upon, and Tag this post, so that you will be prepared with backlinks for Phase two, when we begin backlinks in Social Networking. Putting each list into the social networking system will be the second link in our "Closed Circuit" theory of search engine/link index exposure.


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104. Link Building



Introduction to my son Benjamin


Written on 7/28/2008 11:07:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

"Can we have a cookie"? asked my son Benjamin, and my oldest daughter Brooklyn.

"Sure, go ahead, but just get one." I replied, half paying attention, half working on this blog.


I look over and they had knocked over the cookies all over the floor.

"You guys need to pick those up before you eat your cookie." I said sternly.

Benjamin exits the room rapidly.

"Benjamin left and isn't picking up the cookies." said Brooklyn.

"I know, I'll talk to him about it later."

Brooklyn then exits the room and then there is a new conversation that takes place in the living room. (I don't find this out til later this evening)

"Benjamin, why did you leave the room"? asked Brooklyn.

"I didn't hear Daddy say to clean up the cookies." said Benjamin.

Mom immediately calls him on this.

"How did you know that Daddy wanted you to clean up the cookies?"

A big grin came over his face.

That's Benjamin, though.

Thanks for reading.

Why Jon Stewart is funny.


Written on 7/28/2008 02:26:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Yea... This Video



Written on 7/28/2008 11:28:00 AM by The Unemployed Dad.

You ever heard of Red State Update? If not, go check them out here

Here is a review of their new Album "How Freedom Sounds"

At first glance, the comedy duo Red State Update may look like a Blue Collar Comedy Tour ripoff, but they're the darlings of progressive online magazine Salon.com and on the buddy list of "those liberal nonproliferationists" CNN. Thanks to their video submission, it was on said cable news network that young bumpkin Dunlap (played by Jonathan Shockley) and the overalled, Uncle Jesse-esque Jackie Broyles (Travis Harmon) got to ask the Democratic presidential hopefuls about Al Gore, drawing a tongue-in-cheek insult from Joe Biden plus an appearance from Mike Gravel on their YouTube channel. A series of videos posted to the video-sharing site earned the two a sizable following, so it isn't much of a surprise that they would strike while the iron is hot and get to cashing in. What is a surprise is how their debut CD satisfies with hilarious novelty songs being added to the act alongside their usual commentaries. Here Jackie and Dunlap skillfully execute their layered, ironic style, which is Stephen Colbert meets Kinky Friedman on the set of Hee Haw. There's jibber-jabbering about the Bonnaroo-bound hippies who pass through Jackie's store in Tennessee and impressions of various celebrities fishing their wristwatches out of clogged garbage disposals, including Peter Ustinov and Michael Douglas "of Jewel of the Nile fame." While these down-home exchanges are just as entertaining as their videos, the wonderful songs are what make the CD so easy to recommend. The cowardly rave-up "Iraq (I Don't Wanna Go)" features the great "Two things in Iraq you'll never find/WMDs and my behind" plus the sage advice that "Iraqi porn is awful." "Noodles, Powder, Water & Meat" is Jackie's moving ode to "hamburger dinner in a box," and Dunlap's quest for that ever so rare "Stripper Without a Kid" shouldn't be missed. Well-rounded with amusing talk and belly-laugh songs, How Freedom Sounds is an essential album for fans of kickass political commentary or anyone who quits his job once Talladega time rolls around.

Here is a funny video of the guys talking about John McCain's lack of internet knowledge.

Funny Picture of the Day


Written on 7/27/2008 03:34:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

Found this picture on one of my blogging friends websites. Go to his blog at: http://www.damonm55.blogspot.com/

Stepbrothers the Movie.


Written on 7/26/2008 09:54:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I went to see this movie on Friday. I can't tell you how funny this was. It was probably one of the funniest movies that I have seen since Platoon.

Everyone knows the premise behind this movie. These 2 40 year old men still live at home with their parents, when they fall in love and get married. So now they have to live in the same house.

The similarities of the 2 stepbrothers are what make them hate each other at first. But it is when they become "best friends" when the movie gets really funny.

I don't want to spoil the movie for anybody, but suffice it to say, you have to watch this movie in the theaters. It will be a great experience. Yes, get the DVD, but make sure that you watch it with a crowd of other people.