How do you prepare for the "Big One"


Written on 7/30/2008 09:00:00 PM by The Unemployed Dad.

I have a sister in law that lives in Los Angeles and I was talking to her about the Earthquake yesterday close to her home in California, and I asked myself how I would be feel about this. What would my preparations be?
I immediately said that I would just have to move from that location, so I wouldn't even have to worry about that. I felt the same way after Hurricane Katrina wiped out much of the Gulf Coast.
But the more I think about it.... How do you even prepare? You can have "plans" in place just in case, but there will always be something that is going to happen that we have no idea is going to take place.
The people in California could be preparing for the big earthquake that has been predicted, and still not be prepared for a potential "terrorist" attack. Or maybe devastation brought about by some other means. The true thing is, we aren't promised tomorrow, so what I think we need to do is to live life now and don't be fearful of tomorrow. Yes, make plans, but live life. Hug your kids. Tell your family that you love them. Give a homeless guy a dollar. Yea he probably will spend it on liquor or beer or some other prescription drug not meant for him, but give it to him anyway. We can't take it with us.

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